Sunday, July 19, 2009

Haunting parable of love and destiny

The Circle of Fate (Hardcover) by Raja Mohanty (Author), Sirish Rao (Author), Radhashyam Raut (Author) Editorial Reviews

Product Description
Above the peaks of the Himalaya, Garuda, the divine eagle of the god Vishnu, sees the Lord of Death hastening toward an exquisitely beautiful little bird. He decides to save it and hides it away-but can death be cheated?
This haunting parable of love and destiny is illustrated in the delicate and ornamental Patachitra tradition of Orissa, eastern India.

Radhashyam Raut is a young painter, trained in the traditional art of Patachitra mural paintings of Orissa, where he lives and works.

About the Author: Raja Mohanty has written and illustrated ten books, many of them made by his own hand from adaptations of Chekhov stories to 'silly tales' for children. He teaches courses in design and visual arts at the Industrial Design Centre of Mumbai's IIT, and is involved in several projects on Indian art and cultural traditions. [Prof. Raja Mohanty]

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