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Francis Rothluebber moderated a panel highlighting the power of unity in action as experienced in the city of Auroville

City of the Dawn, Auroville, India - Awareness of Oneness: Seeing the Power of Unity in Action
By Noreen Kelly July 1, 2009
The New World is not only a possibility ~ it’s happening

City of the Dawn is a remarkable documentary about a modern, universal city with 2,000 people from 40 nations who have developed innovative and inclusive solutions in every aspect of human social life: caring relationships, participative government, arts and education, architecture and building materials, complementary medicine, reforestation, and sustainable industries. The city of Auroville in Southern India provides a demonstration of what is possible when people attempt to live together in a community beyond the boundaries of nation, religion, and race that separate us. Their experience raises questions about what can be accomplished on a broader scale when awareness of oneness drives our actions.

The film premiered at the Awareness into Action: The Power of Living as One conference, held on June 27, 2009, in Chicago, IL. “City of the Dawn” started with the desire of Francis Rothluebber to create a documentary about Auroville to demonstrate the power of conscious unity. Francis was formerly the director of Columbiere Retreat Center in Idyllwild, CA; president of the School Sisters of St. Francis, an international Franciscan community of more than 1,050 sisters and associates headquartered in Milwaukee, WI; and teacher and principal of Alvernia High School in Chicago. She was inspired to learn more about Auroville after reading the works of Sri Aurobindo on evolutionary spirituality and visiting the ashram of Mother Mirra Alfassa, who founded Auroville.

After the film showing, Francis Rothluebber moderated a panel highlighting the power of unity in action as experienced in the city of Auroville. The panel included current and former residents from Aurorville who share the challenges and accomplishments of living in conscious awareness of oneness as a community. Panelists included Jean-Yves Lung, Economist; Bhavana Dee DeCew, Community Organizer; Deepti Tewari, Educator; Julian Lines, Chair, Auroville International; and Bryan Walton, President, Auroville International USA and his wife Fanou.
Life in the city of Auroville:
- The Art of Giving (Gift Economy)
- No money
- No Police/Laws
- No dogma
- Unity first
- Your life is a school; we’re here to learn
- Perspectives, not ideologies
- Work for the joy of discovering new activities
- Free education
- Meaningful life
- Develop a deeper sense of seeing
- Go within
- The less I know, the more sure I am
- We come from a single consciousness
- Getting along; learning how to listen
- Change things by the power of the inner Spirit
- Hurrying … less time to Be
- Knowing is Being
- Be a willing servitude of Divine Consciousness
New Momentum for Human Unity
Francis Rothluebber organized New Momentum for Human Unity, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization in 2006. Its mission is to create a better life on and for this planet through the evolution of human consciousness and the transformation of human relationships, by encouraging mindfulness of our interconnection and by the power of selfless love. Through programs and projects that offer tools and resources, New Momentum intends to help people create the inner shifts - the changes in perspective and motive - that lead to changes in the world that will become evident in renewed and improved relationships with each other and the environment.

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