Thursday, February 19, 2009

A prize will be given to the best documentary covering Auroville

Written by Sean Thursday, 19 February 2009
Here goes the recording of the live reggae concert which took place on 31st of January in the Visitor Center. The very well visited concert drew together listeners of all ages. The band; Zamsanga entertained the crowd for more than 2 hours, having many dancers exhausted, and many others craving for more. This was just one of their recent performances, after having also played in Pondicherry, just a week before, and just this weekend having rocked the tent at the love circus. To listen click on the logo PLAY or check the radio schedule here.

Auroville Film Festival 2009
Written by Radio Team Friday, 13 February 2009

“Image is a poetry in itself.” Films are a way of expressing ourselves as well as learning about far off, exciting places. Auroville will host its first official film festival this year. The following interview is with Marco, a coordinator of the event, and he invites all Aurovillians and guests to come and support this effort. A prize will be given to the best documentary covering Auroville produced within the past two years, the best news piece, and the best poem written by Aurovillians. Listen to this interview to find out more and how you can participate! To download the interview click here.

German/Indian Jazz Exchange
Written by Sean Monday, 02 February 2009
Holger Jetter on violin with guitarist Barbara Jungfer filled the Sri Aurobindo Auditorium with their inspired compositions last Thursday. They teamed up with Keith Peters on bass and Jayraj George on drums, rocking hot with their brilliant solos and frequent unexpected changes. This quartet will continue to tour India, spreading their German/Indian-Jazz/Rock across the country. As promised, the music caught the experienced as well as the virgin jazz fans. Here is an excerpt; check the schedule for more, or just pass by AVRadio for a copy of their CD. To download the recording click here .

bit of music?
Written by Radio Team Friday, 30 January 2009

After the Jazz-Rock concert offered by guitarist Barbara Jungfer and violinist Holger Jetter last Thursday night, AurovilleRadio presented a bit of their music during its 5-minute news. The two artists conceptualized their India tour in June 2008 in Munich, beginning to work on compositions right away. They invited two Indian jazz musicians: Jayraj George on drums and Keith Peters on bass, to exchange knowledge and to explore the Indian jazz scene together. After a few announcements, listen to Prithi and Falguni speak about the program they prepared with the children of Deepanam School. To download the news click here.

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