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There are several other genres which have remained unrepresented

Re: Indo-Anglian Mystic Poetry: Miscellanea
by RY Deshpande on Wed 23 Apr 2008 08:46 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link

Taking Prof Goutam Ghosal’s Indo-Anglian Mystic Poetry as the starting point, I picked up first the poets mentioned by him in it and then extended it to others belonging to Sri Aurobindo’s Department of Poetry. I might conclude this present set of postings with a few more assorted representations from those early poets of the Aurobindonian School, mostly those who wrote directly under the guidance of the Master-Poet himself. This short anthology, covering some fifty poems, should perhaps give us a quick idea about the direction in which Sri Aurobindo saw poetry moving as a creative means of expression of the possibilities of the spirit. Not only did he see such future possibilities; he shaped them in a definitive way, that they became attainable when something inner or higher in us can open out to the distant but eager Goddess of Inspiration.

If the mystico-lyrical-symbolistic is more prominent in this compilation, it must be admitted that there are several other genres also which have remained unrepresented. Perhaps these could be taken up as independent attempts to assess, and to indicate, another vigour and vision that the poetry of the spirit is capable of offering to us. The Overhead realms of poetry constitute world after gleaming world and to move in them is to fulfil our authentic creative urge in the truth and beauty and delight of the supreme Speech herself. If something genuine and felicitous should happen in that direction, then the purpose of the anthology could be said to have been well served.

The sciy forum is wide open to such great attempts and it will be wonderful if we have contributions from its members with this objective, it driving our soul and our spirit, contributions original or compilational to promote such perceptions. In the sense of that active participation the sciy will have paved a pioneering path to take the ‘Integral’ itself forward to its meaningful utility and occupation. I believe this is possible and let’s expect that this will happen. ~RYD

Re: Indo-Anglian Mystic Poetry... [New Slide Show]
by ronjon on Thu 24 Apr 2008 02:53 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link

You can see it here: The Pondicherry School of Mystic Poets

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