Saturday, April 05, 2008

Nirmala Seshadri & Neewin Hershall in Auroville

ADISHAKTI Laboratory for Theatre Arts Research presents CROSSROADS JOURNEYS AND TRANSFORMATIONS THROUGH LIFE AND DANCE By Nirmala Seshadri & Neewin Hershall At Adishakti, Sir Ratan Tata Koothu Kovil (Auroville – On the Edayanchavadi Road, Opposite Hope Auroville) 6.30 pm, Sunday 13th April 2008

An experiment in which the traditional dance repertoire is viewed through a different contextual lens; where the parts of the repertoire connect into a larger conceptual framework, allowing for other forms such as film and visual art to enter. Also an exploration of the gender equation; human emotions and angst through mathematical forms. The coming together of two dancers. From Singapore, from Kerala. The synergy. The blending of their artistic thoughts and energies. The eternal journey of differences, joinings. Of meetings and partings. From an undistinguishable point emerges man and woman, two aspects of Humanity. In form and shape they are different; they take different paths, have different emotional and intellectual hues, yet they meet, or rather they have to meet.

  • Is there a possibility for a better understanding by exploring and analysing the intrinsic nature of men and women?

To know the differences at a deeper level and to join together with understanding and love. To understand is to change, to change is to move forward, to move forward is to move away from stagnation and regression. This work has been conceived and choreographed by Nirmala Seshadri (recipient of the Singapore National Arts Council’s Young Artist Award) and Neewin Hershall a graduate of Kalakshetra. For more details call 91 0413 262 2287/ 262 2402

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