Sunday, July 29, 2007

'Do Beegha Zameen', 'Swades', 'Motorcycle Diaries'

7 Jan 2007 12:03:23 Movies to help IIM-A bridge the great Indian divide
AHMEDABAD: It's a tale of two Indias - one that is making a lasting impression on the global arena and the other, a backyard where farmers are committing suicide.
While it is the 'shining' India that usually attracts the students of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA), it's back-to-basics for them as of now.
Students at IIM-A will study this divide between the two Indias through movies like 'Do Beegha Zameen', 'Swades', the Che Guevara-inspired 'Motorcycle Diaries' among others, and will initiate an open forum for students to discuss and suggest ways by which to bridge this divide for holistic development of India.
This effort will be a part of IIM-A's annual agri-business summit 'Amaethon', which begins here on January 19.
The film review exercise, titled 'Astitva - The Sustenance of Existence', will also involve students from 50 other top business schools across the country.
The 'Amaethon' theme is aptly titled 'The Awaited Dawn' and will feature events that would focus on finding ways to cut through the mosaic of inequality in the society.
"Films would be chosen from across genres and times, focusing on social issues and the endeavour would be to tackle the core issue of under-development in rural areas and how to become a catalyst in achieving rural growth," said Jyoti Agarwal, a student.
Various events of 'Amaethon' will explore the possibilities of development of the rural sector through social entrepreneurship and agri-businesses.
Kumar Adityendra, event co-ordinator, said, "The awaiting dawn needs to first usher in a new era of development in India's rural economy. It is unfortunate to see rural India lagging behind while our industries make international acquisitions."
Source: The Times of India

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