Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Life in the modern age is governed by seduction

In this the day and age of the make-over, how do we aestheticize beauty? Beauty is now a mask, layers of artificial skin. Tremendous attempts are made to rediscover the persona. However imagined, it is not the self that is evaluated. The make-over pronounces a newer self based on a change in wardrobe and lifestyle. The greater discovery is the level of existence. The mirror reflects. It doesn’t possess.
The hip hop culture is a reality. The excessiveness of money and fame is present in the modern day culture. Credit has been given to hip hop as a new form of civil rights movement. Socio-politically, it addresses consumerism, psycho-sexuality, urban violence, spiritual wealth and racism. Unlike rock and roll, hip hop is more than a state of mind. It harbors a conscientious awareness. As with any movement, hip hop has generated universal interest. Its influence is greater than any marketing ploy. A younger generation has been granted a new voice, creatively and politically.
The language of hip hop is clever. Many phrases that stemmed from hip hop have made their way into popular culture. They are in constant everyday use. These phrases are used by the young found mostly in urban areas. Suburban culture has embraced this as well. Black and white subcultures within the element of hip hop have come together, forming a new vernacular. Beauty is then created through the rhythm of language. Beauty when intellectualized takes shape and indeed comes full circle. The language in hip hop meets that dimension. Relating back to the jazz musical “riff,” it has helped establish permanent roots in American culture. posted by Kofi Fosu at 7:54 AM Thursday, July 20, 2006 African Postmodernist Dispatches

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