Friday, December 09, 2005

Essays on Performing Arts of India

Back to the Roots : Essays on Performing Arts of India/Jiwan Pani. New Delhi, Manohar, 2004, 124 p., illus., ISBN 81-7304-560-7. Contents: Foreword. 1. Dharma is not religion. 2. Yajna for the eyes. 3. The doctrine of natya. 4. Guru-shishya parampara. 5. The rasa theory. 6. The six limbs of dance. 7. The system and tradition of Odissi music. 8. Krishna in Odissi dance. 9. The tradition of Mahari dance. 10. Ballad singing traditions of Orissa. 11. Tradition and innovation in Odissi. 12. Krishna in Indian dance. 13. Kavitt-the poetry of dance. 14. Indian folk theatre. 15. The Chhau dances. 16. Shadow theatre: the ancient movie.
"Back to the Roots is a collection of Jiwan Pani's articles which have been put together themewise. This book reflects his wide-ranging interests: the cult of Jagannatha, an individualistic and an in-depth study of the Geetagovinda, the Oriya systems of music and the third school along with Carnatic and Hindustani, his numerous scripts for dance-dramas, tele-serials and films, his deep study and understanding of Hindu and Buddhist systems of philosophy. These articles only go to prove that Jiwan Pani was a leading scholar of traditional Indian performing arts and Indian aesthetics. This handsome volume with numerous photographs is a celebration of the true vidwan that Jiwan Pani was." (jacket)

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