Monday, December 19, 2005

Do you want to contribute to the Op-Ed Page of the Indian Express?

When submitting your article for consideration, please follow these twelve simple guidelines. The more closely you can adhere to the dozen guidelines, the faster the process of evaluation and feedback.
  1. The Op-Ed page is typically page 9 of the Indian Express. It is the page opposite the editorial page; it is an open page; it is a page that carries opinions and analysis.
  2. Any member of the public can contribute to the Op-Ed page. Sometimes Indian Express writers will also publish on this page; but when they do so they are under no obligation to communicate the newspaper's position. The Op-Ed page is a forum for personal views; it does not showcase an Indian Express line on a given issue.
  3. Submissions should not be any longer than 900 words. We will try to keep an article down to 650-700 words. If you send in a piece longer than our ideal length, some of it is likely to be edited out. It is best to keep close to the 650-700 word mark if you do not want us to reduce your text. Should you send in a piece that is, say, 1,500 words, it cannot be considered at all. A simple axiom to remember for wordage: Less is more.
  4. Many contributors tend to be experts in their fields. However, please remember that on the Op-Ed page you are writing in a newspaper, not in an academic or professional journal. Keep it straightforward. A simple axiom to remember for technical jargon and specialist vocabulary: Less is more.
  5. The Op-Ed page is short on space. Please make an argument, tell a story, or get across a view. Do not take this opportunity to set up a long background before getting to your point, and please refrain from convoluted polemics and ad hominem attacks on individuals.
  6. The Op-Ed page is not a news page, but it is nonetheless a reflection of a broad range of issues that are in the news at a given point in time. Please ensure that your submission has some bearing on contemporary debate and discussion. We cannot carry pieces with a purely historical interest. Nor will your submission "keep" for too long. If we can use it soon after you have turned it in, we will. Else it is unlikely to see light of day. Unlike some other newspapers, we are scarcely ever likely to use a piece months after it was submitted.
  7. We will communicate with you about the likelihood of your submission being published. If we are going to carry it, we will go back and forth with you about corrections, changes and editorial interventions, and occasionally about images. In case we are unable to accept your piece, please respect our decision. Insisting that a rejected piece be re-considered is not going to increase its chances of being published.
  8. When making first contact, and in subsequent communications as well, please correspond with us on email. The telephone is NOT our preferred mode of communication with contributors. You can reach us as below. If we have let you know that we will be using your piece, please provide us with a number where we can reach you. Sometimes we need to check small details with writers at the last moment.
  9. We reserve the right to title your piece as we deem fit. By all means provide a title of your own, but it is not necessary that we will carry the piece with the same title as the one provided by you.
  10. Please provide your principal email address to us. Please indicate clearly whether this is to be carried along with your piece or not.
  11. Please provide a 1-2 line description of yourself, a "bio", that will appear together with your piece. Also send us a passport-size photograph of yourself, a "mug-shot", in electronic format. The photo should be attached as a .jpg or .tif file, readable by us. In case you are unable to send pictures electronically, please mail a hard copy of your mug-shot to our Delhi address: Op-Ed Editor, The Indian Express, C-6 Qutub Institutional Area, New Delhi 110 016. If for some reason you would prefer that your photograph not be carried, please let us know in advance, thank you.
  12. The newspaper will not entertain expletives or other offensive language, either in submissions or in correspondence. Thank you for considering the Indian Express as a forum for your writing.

Ananya Vajpeyi, Ph.D. Op-Ed Editor The Indian Express C-6 Qutub Institutional Area New Delhi-110016 INDIA. Email 1: Email 2:


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  3. Thanks for the references and instructions. Great help.