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Benares, Bareilly, and Bikaner

Like to travel to different places in India? Also enjoy old Hindi film songs? Then this is just the thing for...

Anuradha Goyal is the author of 'The Mouse Charmers - Digital Pioneers of India' and a travel blogger for over a decade.
I am an ardent fan of Old Indian Film songs , and I owe it to my growing up in the Doordarshan era. Today when I look at my favourite songs on YouTube, I see the iconic locations as they were 40,50 or 60 years ago. Sometimes I also get the glimpse of the Indian monuments that are now out of bound for us.
Let me take you down the memory lane with some of these are iconic locations where some timeless songs were shot.
I shall not write about destinations that occur to me, but simply point you to a post I did. :-)This one coincidentally has several songs in common with your list, but I would especially point you to the comments – there are some fine examples there, from the Nilgiri Hill Railway to Humayun’s Tomb to Mandu, Gurudwara Harmandir Sahib, and Tughlaqabad Fort.

Celebrating World Heritage Day: Ten Songs

Today, April 18th, is World Heritage Day. A day to thank God, our ancestors, civilisation—for the richness that surrounds us. Whether it’s in the form of a unique ecosystem, or a beautiful old building. Or a language, a cuisine, a medicinal system. It’s all heritage, and it’s all precious. All remarkably, frighteningly fragile.
 Here’s something to whet your appetite, should that be necessary. ;-)
Here’s the link:

Ten of my favourite 'inspired' songs | Dustedoff
Feb 6, 2010 - ... 1961; composer: Salil Chowdhury; original: Mozart's 40th symphony): ...... Quite a few bong movies of these days had songs with Hindi lyrics.

Top 'Inspired' Hindi Film Songs - India Opines › Bollywood
Feb 14, 2015 - Many Hindi film songs have been borrowed, copied or inspired from ... a Mozart composition – Mozart Symphony #40 in G Minor is one of the ...

Plagiarism in Hindi Film Music: Is Imitation the Most Sincere ...
Aug 24, 2012 - Plagiarism in Hindi Film Music: Is Imitation the Most Sincere Form of Flattery? .... Although the mukhDaa is clearly inspired by Mozart's Jupiter Symphony, Salil composes new antaras ... 40 (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 1788)

Hindi Film Songs and the Cinema - Page 144 - Google Books Result

Anna Morcom - 2007 - ‎Music
This is the case with the scores of Mother India and Mughal-e-Azam, both epic films, which use the symphony orchestra and choruses extensively.8 The big ...

Minati Mishra's Odissi Dances in Arundhati (Oriya, 1967 ...
May 15, 2012 - I've found the remaining Odissi dances of Minati Mishra in the 1967 ... black-and-white classical dances post because Oriya/Odia films are very ...
 Surely there are more of these wonderful dances hiding in the archives of Oriya cinema (such as Baje Bainsi Nache Ghungura from my Holy Grail post).  

Nirjana Saikate (1963, Bengali) - Odissi dance by Minati ...
Nov 28, 2013 - Uploaded by Kasu Vandi
... and performed by Minati Mishra in the 1963 Bengali film Nirjan Saikate. ... Colleena Shakti: Odissi ...

A.R. Rahman and the Winds of Change - Swarajya
Oct 6, 2014 - Rahman singlehandedly saved Hindi film music and showed it the way ... Mozart's 40th symphony in G Minor which had formed the basis for ... Biswadeep Ghosh

Songs about a place | Atul's Song A Day- A choice collection ...
Posts about Songs about a place written by Atul and skapur01. ... This article is written by Avinash Scrapwala

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