Friday, October 31, 2014

Nishabada sharada

Nishabada sharada prate
Sunanda Patnaik 
Lyrics: Baikunthanath Patnaik

Sunanda Patnaik sings 'Nishabada sarada praate...' - YouTube
Aug 6, 2011 - Uploaded by odia melody
Sunanda Patnaik sings 'Nishabada sarada praate...'.The Lyrics are by Late Poet Baikunthanath Patnaik

Dhanada Mishra
in a quiet autumn dawn | A stranger left singing | Leaving behind your play, you never looked back | Its a long road O' ascetic, you are marked by many a wound | The diamond you are looking for is not here.. You never looked back.. life flows day by day through unmarked dates, hitch your little boat in the full river of life, my house is on the shore of the sea, God knows what made me mad, You never looked back.. The lamp you have lit carefully pouring oil on the wick, it will go out soon.. You

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