Sunday, September 12, 2010

Agonda & Malta

The built-in MacBook camera simply isn’t very good, and for various reasons I’m not in the habit of traveling with a real camera. However, this will at least get you in the ballpark of what the view from this room looks like. The sea is a lot more beautiful than that right now, however. It’s sparkling with different shades of green and blue at vari... 
waves from Object-Oriented Philosophy by doctorzamalek (Graham Harman)
The waves were really crashing tonight, at least in a few places. Malta is better when it’s like that. 

There are many lovely beaches in South Goa - and Agonda is one of them. This evening, we drove there. Truly a beautiful place, with green hills bordering both sides. … However, today, we did not walk along the beach as we have always done. We ended up walking along an internal road, parallel to the beach - a road on which there were at least a hundred homes, just metres from the beach, a beach that tourists really enjoy staying on. The road was tarred for just a 200 yards or so, and for the rest, a couple of kilometres, it did not exist!
It took about half-an-hour to cover the entire length of the non-road - and it ended at a narrow bridge about 10 yards long. On the other side was the "main road." But the bridge was too narrow for cars - only scooters and motorcycles could cross. All along, I saw signs of POVERTY - so rare in Goa.
Now, think of what happens to the prices of Property right upon a beautiful beach if there is no road. Obviously, these prices would shoot if a road was built - and a new bridge installed. Within no time, poverty would vanish. This is, in reality, PRIME REAL ESTATE! [Antidote: For Liberal Governance Sauvik Chakraverti (Hardcover - Jan 2003)]

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