Sunday, August 02, 2009

The poems are certain to initiate empathy and déjà vu

‘Silent Horizons’ is the debut collection of poems of Parthajeet Das which has all the shades of his age captured beautifully in words. The two aptly named sections of the book, 'Restless Pilgrim' and 'Still Restless' mark the transition of the author not only in terms of poetic style and form but also in maturity of thought and expression. But, as the names suggest, the fundamental driver for the author remains the same - an irrepressible restlessness.

The restlessness arises from the author's experiences, his inability to answer the questions that gape at his face and also from not so successful attempts to elicit answers. The author in the space of the poems swings from being the inquisitive teenager to the wise old man and to the restless young man that he is. The poems are certain to initiate empathy and déjà vu among readers. The author experiments with form and expression but all the poems are marked with lyricism and internal rhythm and make a delightful reading experience.

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