Sunday, June 28, 2009

Savitri is much more than a great poem

Sri Aurobindo's poetry and Rod's commentary

I want to thank very sincerely Robert for transcribing Rod's lectures. I am so glad that i got to read them, as in this case i find i can "get it" better through reading (and reciting the poetry outloud of course), than i could at the lectures themselves.

The introduction to English poetry and Sri Aurobindo's approach to it, filled in a big gap in my education. But more important than that was the fresh and intense perception, and reconfirmation, that Savitri is much more than a great poem, it is actually the Divine Word, bridging between our current state of consciousness and the supramental waiting to be perceived.

Being brought awake to that, through Rod's skillful illucidation, meant i spent hours after completing reading it in a state of heightened awareness. It seems to me that each such foray is part of the global awakening process, so on behalf of us all i thank Rod and Robert and Vladimir and of course Sri Aurobindo for helping move us in the direction of our common aspiration.

The Poetry of Sri Aurobindo: MANTRA, METRICS AND MEANING complete.pdf Rod Hemsell

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