Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shriya Saran's meditation

A perfect balance... Times of India - New Delhi, India
28 May 2009, 0008 hrs IST, TNN
Shriya Saran may be scorching the Tamil screen, but on the personal front, she’s more ‘meditative’ than meets the eye.

SPIRITUALLY YOURS: Shriya Saran It’s true, Ms Saran, is these days disposed towards meditation and what took seed in Leh has grown roots in Pondicherry.

“I met a monk at a temple in the Himalayas and told him about my interest in meditation. He told me what to do and when I asked him where I’d get the beads to meditate with, he said that I’ll have to buy it from the market.” But Shriya was in for the biggest surprise in her life when the next day, she was handed a set of meditating beads by a total stranger. “He too was a monk. He just came up to me and handed me these beads and said that these beads shouldn’t be bought, ‘they should be given to you’. I was dumbstruck by the coincidence, but accepted the beads gratefully,” she says.

She’s now gotten deeper into meditation after visiting Pondy. “I spent a lot of time meditating at Matrimandir. It was simply the most fulfilling and amazing experience I’ve had in a while. I was totally at peace,” says Shriya. A spiritual-sultry Shriya Saran — that’s what we call a perfect balance! Way to go, girl!

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