Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Religion & American politics:
The Oprahfication of Obama posted by Kathryn Lofton
Obama is the post-polarization candidate and Oprah is a post-polarization celebrity.”Ross K. Baker, Rutgers University political scientist
I think Oprah is John the Baptist, leading the way for Obama to win.” Iowa caucus voter

First, you need a name. Not just any name. A weird name: a Biblical misspelling, maybe, or an invocation of some distant land. No matter what: the name needs an O.

The O will come in handy when you need to summon a common sphere, encourage chanting, or design a gentle logo. Never deny the utility of its replication, never avoid its allusion, and never miss a moment for its branding. An O is a space anyone can fill with anything. Posted in Religion & American politics

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