Wednesday, February 06, 2008

He saw five suns of truth-beauty-delight-life-spirit in the sky of poetry

Sri Aurobindo wrote prophetically, long ago, that the future poetry “transcending the more intellectualised or externally vital and sensational expression” would speak “wholly in the language of an intuitive mind and vision and imagination, intuitive sense, intuitive emotion, intuitive vital feeling, which can seize in a peculiarly intimate light of knowledge by a spiritual identity the inmost thought, sight, image, sense, life, feeling of that which it is missioned to utter. The voice of poetry comes from a region above us, a plane of our being above and beyond our personal intelligence, a supermind which sees things in their inmost and largest truth by a spiritual identity and a lustrous effulgency and rapture and its native language is a revelatory, inspired, intuitive word limpid or subtly vibrant or densely packed with the glory of this ecstasy.”
He saw five suns of truth-beauty-delight-life-spirit in the sky of poetry waiting to be born, waiting for us to receive their glow and their wonderful warmth. Our creative endeavour should be to open ourselves to them. Here begin the New Ways of Poetry. And the questions is: should we not tread them in the delightful opulence of the creative spirit?
Students who graduated themselves from Sri Aurobindo’s Department of Poetry received magnificences of these suns in Sri Aurobindo’s plenty, the five suns of the creative spirit. “The silent wonders of eternity” that were waiting for the inspired utterance suddenly found in rock-hewn images the quivering lips that speak of the bright and the blue skies, and the golden truths. We witness the ear of ears and the eye of eyes waking to the subtleties of sense and sound, marvelling at the mystery of God’s creation even in Time.
Not only did Sri Aurobindo himself write seizing “the absolute in shapes that pass”; he also encouraged actively and positively those who came forward to participate in such an apocalyptic adventure. Amal-kiran was one among the most prominent practitioners of this new poetry, Poetry of the Future. He invoked heaven’s light in the inner chamber and called out the occult fire from the depths of the being to take the form of the deeply expressive and intuitive Word. His was the Hymn of Affirmation welcoming the Aurobindonian Muse, a chant in the praise of Ahana of the Eternal. Glory to the New Dawn appearing on the poetic horizon! Keywords: SriAurobindo, Spirituality, Savitri, Poetry, Mysticism, Literature Posted to: Main Page LITERATURE .. Poetry INTEGRAL YOGA Post a comment [This article was written to celebrate Amal-kiran’s hundredth birthday, 25 November 2004. Amal-kiran—The clear ray—was the name given to the young Parsee-born KD Sethna by Sri Aurobindo, on 3 September 1930.]

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