Saturday, November 17, 2007

The blogosphere often seems to be an excuse to avoid cultivating deep relationships

The problem is that over the Internet, and especially in the blogosphere, the potential for misunderstanding each other increases almost exponentially, partially because of the absence of visual and auditory cues, and partially due to the absence of someone’s physical presence. In any event, you cannot really understand who someone is or where they are coming from until you have an actual relationship with them. The blogosphere, to me, often seems to be an excuse to avoid cultivating deep relationships and just waste time in mental-vital arguments. I really wish people would actually talk to me, and engage in meaningful dialogue with me (where both sides let go of egoic fears and anxieties and act from the psychic), rather than jump to conclusions about what I think or what I am doing...
The only thing that is meaningful is touching the soul of another — the rest is just the lower nature indulging itself. All we can do is wait for the irrevocable spiritual transformation, and in the meantime, be aware of our drama. I guess even this post exemplifies my many neuroses — because I don’t really owe anyone an explanation anyway. All this business of needing to constantly explain ourselves is egoic. Often the best response is just silence.... A Brief Note on this Blog from The Stumbling Mystic by ned 3:50 AM, November 17, 2007

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