Friday, August 31, 2007

Vidyapati had propagated ideas of dharma in secular terms, emphasised on the irrelevance of caste, varna and ‘kula’

Dhanakar said...
Vidyapati;s time was of Muslim onslaught and it was only he who had described in his writings that Muslims force Hindus to remove 'tika' and force the Brahman to take water in the skin made vessel of dead cow. And Muslims break temples to make mosque.
No poet in India had written with such clarity and though Vidaypati was a poet of romance as well as devotion to god, I feel he was above Bhushan like nationalists too and true his contribution to Sanatan Dharm system is universal as Hindu (sanatan) dharm in itself is universally applicable and Vidyapati was son of the land of Mithila which had made foundation of Hindu Dharm even before the days of rajarshi janak to gautam (law), Kapil (Sankhya), Jaimini (Vaisheshik) and so Astavakra, yajnyavalkya-Maitreyee, Vachaspati-Bhamati, Mandan-Bharati, Udayanacharya, the great shastrarthi whom Buddhism could not face and practically in Mithila and Magadh everywhere they returned back to Sanatan Dharma..
And so Vidyapati's work and life should be seen in that context which has seen Man in a complete sense of Purushartha and Vidyapati was above any dogmas and narrow-vision and hardly any Indian poet could reach to his status as he was par excellence in every walk of life. 12:22 PM, August 31, 2007

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