Saturday, March 10, 2007

Baudrillard had a unique way of casting peace and clarity over the Valley of Shadows

integralgrid // Mar 8th 2007 at 5:04 pm I don’t recall to have ever been so touched by someone’s passing as I am now. My whole day today has been ruined–I can’t even read or write properly!
Baudrillard died many deaths–and has ressurected an equal number of times. When he died to sociology, sociology experienced a rebirth through him. He died to Reality, and Reality rescued him promptly. Political economy and Marxism have also lost Baudrillard at some point, and they were then forced to secrete him anew. Modern art, including the Hollywood industry of film also suffered defeat after defeat when trying to take on Baudrillardesque faces, but Baudrillard was always quicker and smarter, and knew how to come clean before his copies.
As disruptive as his texts may have been, stirring up the depth of our depths and seemingly inviting trouble to set in, Baudrillard had a unique way of casting peace and clarity over the Valley of Shadows. He was a special kind of challenger–one knowing how to remain alert and ready, while at the same time keeping a safe distance from things that most people would very likely have invaded without much thought. And if Baudrillard is primarily seen as a challenger, I’d say that he was infinitely respectful towards things–including the thing called “man”. But that which people thought insulting–to be treated as objects–was in fact an hommage payed to them, a bow before their immortal nature.

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