Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Chuvanistic tendencies to dismiss, demean or patronize the experience of "the other"

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That we would tend to privilege ideas or poetics, which find inspiration in the experience of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother maybe natural for those of us who find an affinity with their teachings. However, while recognizing the difference in teaching between Integral Yoga and Other disciplines, I do not believe such recognition necessities a “Go Team” sensibility which excludes other experiences of inner praxis or narratives of other spiritual topography. Such exclusivist practices I have found become chuvanistic over time and inspire ideological tendencies to dismiss, demean or patronize the experience of "the other" . This is in fact contrary to my understanding (however slight) of integral spirituality.
My own concern is to open up the dialog to others besides the IY faithful. And if we are attempting inter-subjective dialog with those who may share our concerns but not our beliefs, there would be little proof we could demonstrate to champion our cause over theirs. Similarly I think it impossible to conclusively demonstrate that one form of (esp. spiritual) poetry is superior to any other. Now one can argue about style, meter, imagery, complexity or simplicity of expression and their utility for accomplishing the poetic intention, but the valorization of poetry, and especially the championing of its particular imaginative source is largely a matter of personal taste and/or cultural preference. rc 2:47 AM

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