Sunday, December 24, 2006

Soulful flutes, silky guitar and piano tell the story

An epic musical interpretation of a timeless love story, rich with piano, strings, flute, wind chimes and lush, angelic textures. These twelve gentle, romantic songs transport the listener to 5th century B.C. India where the Princess Savitri discovers that true love can conquer death.
The Emerald Way refers to the moment in life when a pivotal choice must be made - to choose the way that is customary and expected of us - or to head down the overgrown hidden path leading to the unknown. In Savitri by Sri Aurobindo, Savitri discovers that Satyavan has only one year left to live. She must decide whether or not she will stay with him in the emerald forest or search for a new love. Soulful flutes, silky guitar and piano tell the story, accompanied by lush strings, harp and chimes blending into 2002's signature sound, renowned for comfort and deep relaxation. Enjoy your musical journey!... Add 9 links to ed2k client Electronic Music Collection:

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