Friday, October 27, 2006

We are a noisy species

Greeting Chitra Raman Thursday, October 19, 2006: I know what you are thinking. Who needs another blog? Not you. As you read this, your mind is a scrolling marquee of things to do next, truncated conversation fragments, leapfrogging ideas, an obsessively recurrent tune. With a slight movement of your finger, you can launch yourself back into the noiseless din of intersecting URLs. Perhaps what we all need is a space where we can take a break from listening to what we hear, and start listening to what we know. This is my place to do just that.
We are a noisy species. We crave validation and agreement. And so, we prefer the company of like-minded people. I am no different; but as I prepare to pour my ideas into the void, I prepare myself also to welcome all fellow travelers, whether kind or critical. So get up and pour yourself your favorite beverage, and stay awhile. I cannot promise to always deliver a spa experience; but I do promise to try not to bore you. Posted by Chitra at 12:50 PM 10 comments

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