Thursday, September 21, 2006

Psychic poetry

Thursday, September 14, 2006 ART AND POETRY: Art and poetry can be the media though they are not adequate. But one who attains the supermind does not sit down to write philosophy about it. That is just like using poetry to teach grammar, so as to take all poetry out of it. Even when supermind finds expression it would carry its meaning only to the man who knows; as the Veda puts it, " Words of the seer which reveal their mystery only to the seer". One can`t express the whole supramental truth, but something of it can come through.
There are different types of poetry. That is to say, poetry there may be and yet the the psychic element in it may not be strong. Vedic poetry is on the plane of intuitional vision. There is rhythm, force and other elements of poetry in it, but the psychic element is not so prominent. It is from a plane much higher than the mental. It has got its own depth - but psychic poetry differs from it in its depth and feeling. (After Sri Aurobindo ; Evening Talks : - 3rd edition -1982) posted by Phani Basu at 6:47 AM

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