Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Vulgarity and banality is crossing all limits

Checking degeneration: The Orissa Cine Critic Association criticised the vulgarity in Oriya cinema and music The Hindu Friday, Jun 17, 2005
It is now the time of remakes and remixes. Oriya cinema and music have been vitiated by crass commercialisation because of some dubious elements. The vulgarity and banality is crossing all limits. So, Orissa Cine Critic Association took up the cudgels on behalf of the audience looking for healthy entertainment by organising a seminar where the State Culture Minister was given a memorandum to act on.
It was proposed that tax rebate should only be available to original Oriya films and not remakes. A censor board to screen music should be immediately formed comprising lyricists, composers, music critics, etc. A similar censor committee should keep tabs on the video albums keeping in view the vulgarity of costumes, poses and lyrics. CDs cleared by the committee can only be telecast in various channels including the Doordarshan.
Eminent filmmaker Prashant Nanda, ace musician Prafulla Kar and actor George Tiadi came down heavily on the corruption in films and music, and urged the government to come up with sanctions against such makers and cassette companies. Cine critic association secretary Dillip Hali, highlighting the steps being taken in Maharashtra, asked the Government to come up with remedial measures immediately in the light of the memorandum presented. The event was organised in collaboration with the cultural outfit `Sanskruti O Sanskruti'. B.M.

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