Wednesday, June 29, 2005


[RV-X.90; Tr. R. Panikkar; KTK- 32&33]

A thousand-headed is the Man
With a thousand eyes, a thousand feet;
Encompassing the earth on all sides,
He exceeded it by ten finger’s breadth. II 1 II

The Man, indeed, is this All,
What has been and what is to be,
The Lord of the immortal spheres
Which he surpasses by consuming food. II 2 II

Such is the measure of his might,
And greater still than this is Man.
All beings are a fourth of him,
Three fourths are the immortal in heaven. II 3 II

The Moon was born from his mind; the Sun
Came into being from his eyes;
From his mouth came Indra and Agni,
While from his breath the Wind was born. II 13 II

From his navel issued the Air;
From his head unfurled the Sky,
The Earth from his feet, from his ear the four directions.
Thus have the worlds been organised. II 14 II

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